Saturday, September 11, 2010

Everyone is tired after today

Today our group had an adoption event at the PetSmart in Arnold and a bake sale at Lowes in the same shopping center.    We ended up making about $360 from the bake sale after all expenses were paid and I think we adopted out 4-5 dogs.    It was a special adoption weekend at PetSmart and they'll donate $45 to us for every dog adopted there this weekend.    It's surprising how much $45 can help us out - but it's really a big deal.    This week I have to take Natsumi back to the eye doctor and that visit will cost at least $40, so one adoption at PetSmart today helps cover that!   Nope, none of my dogs were adopted.   Sometimes I can feel like a failure if my dog doesn't get adopted.    But then I have great people in the group that tell me they haven't been adopted because their right family hasn't come along yet.     Saburo is still waiting on his right family, but he's getting a little more annoying at the adoption events.   He's got issues with bigger dogs and last week he decided he hated this larger than usual Pekingese named Dave.   Dave is a sweet dog and humans like him, but for some reason he sends off an energy that other dogs are irritated by.   I think they think he's a suck up.  ;)

We had so many yummy things at the bake sale.   It's pretty astonishing how our group can pull together.   We've got a fairly good sized group - about 70 people volunteering.    We had fudge, cupcakes, cookies, mini loaves, frosted cakes, cheesecakes, etc, etc.    It was a huge amount of baked goods and almost everything was sold.

Here's some fun pictures of TRex - Virginia is holding him like a baby and he's totally horrified. Virginia understands and particularly loves the craziness of the min pin breed.    He always makes her smile and that makes us happy because she's a great woman.    Also, TRex gets a little bit spazzed out in a car if he can't ride on my lap.   When I was back in the city I was able to take some of these pictures because it looks like he was driving.    Unfortunately, since we drove more than 20 minutes with the radio on .... Joey fell asleep.   I was NOT joking in my previous blog when I said he always falls asleep like that.     Another picture to  traumatize the kid!

People ask me all the time why TRex isn't adopted because he is so weirdly cute and silly, but he's just a crazy obnoxious min pin.   He'll start barking like mad, he doesn't approve of all men, and he's just all around a very "special" dog.   :)   I love him and if I wasn't at my legal limit of dogs I can own, I would probably adopt him.   I've had him so long and nobody is ever really interested in him.   If someone actually wants to adopt him and they're a good home ... well that's a bridge I'll cross when I get to it.    And considering  my history with fostering, now that I'm in a state of mind that no one will ever adopt him,, I'm sure  I'll probably start getting all sorts of calls and interest in him.  :)     The other day Joey even asked me why nobody had adopted him and the best explanation I could give ... "Nobody understands him like we do."   And it's true, he is not your everyday, usual dog.   He's a puppy mill survivor and he's got a lot of baggage, but then again so do I - that's probably why I like him so much.  

We should all sleep very well tonight.    TRex and Saburo have already had lengthy  naps - well Joey even had a short one.   Now I get to snooze for at least 8 hours!

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