Friday, September 3, 2010

Another Vet Trip

Hopper and Cooper, our Schnoodle Boyz
I have been spending too much time at the vet lately, so much so the people at the vet aren't sure if I'm there for Sr. Dog, my Mom or ME! :)   Today I took in our perma dog, Cooper, because he had nasty nasty diarrhea for 3 days.   One thing I've learned while fostering is that diarrhea isn't as terrible and scary as I used to think it was.    As long as he was still interested in eating, was drinking and wasn't lethargic then I wasn't worried.   The thing was, it just lasted too darn long.   I at first had an appointment for 7 am this morning at a particular vet, but I had a really hard time falling asleep last night.   I didn't fall asleep until 3:30, so I decided I'd just make a later appointment there or somewhere else.    Once I woke up, I tried to make it in to see our regular vet because they give a great discount to multi pet households.     But they were full - I have never had that happen on a weekday!   Then, I tried a different vet that is close to me an they were full too!   So, I tried one last one that was close to me and I was able to get in within 45 minutes.

Before I made the appointment, I gave poor little dirty behind Cooper a bath.   I could tell how poorly he still felt because he just sat in the tub all laid back.   Then again, it might have felt soothing to get all that crusty gunk off his behind.    Cooper is our dog with the greatest Napoleon Complex - he is so horrified by his small stature and does anything he can to show how gigantic he really is.   But this morning after I gave him a bath, my little tough and tumble guy let me just hold him in my arms for quite a while wrapped in a towel.   It was really very sweet.

When we got to the vet, Cooper was happy as can be and then as soon as we started to walk into the vet's office ... SCREEECHING HALT.     Cooper hates the vet and he's unbelievably dramatic when a vet does anything to him.    I was able to get him inside with me and sat quietly at my feet for quite a while because the vet was so backed up.   I finished "New Moon" and he acted like a perfect gentleman.

I had brought a stool sample in, but it wasn't big enough to get any lab work done on it.   So ... they took Cooper to the back to get some themselves.    I think Cooper could be heard all the way in West County !  As I said, he can be dramatic and quite frankly I'm not going to chastise him for being dramatic about getting a stool sample.     Then, right after they brought him back to the room to me - he had diarrhea all over the floor.   I think he intentionally did that ... if they wanted a stool sample, they'd get it  - but he'd do it his way.   :)

Cooper was given antibiotics and is acting 75% better this evening.   I think it was a combination of the bath, the antibiotics and how he's willing himself to feel better to avoid the vet.

On a personal note, my Dad died 13 years ago today.   I still miss him and every day,  wish he were still here.   My Dad was the only  person in the world that I believed when he said everything would be all right even if a hurricane and earthquake were raging at the same time.    He was definitely an optimist and a fighter.      Even though his leg was amputated 4 months before he died, he worked as hard as he possibly could to be able to drive a truck through the city streets of St. Louis again.     Joey was named after him ... Joseph.    I like to think I've got a little bit of my Dad in Joey as he was born 10 months after my Dad died.     They would have been a great pair had they been able to meet on earth instead of hanging out in the cosmos for a few months.  :)


  1. Kim we never stop grieving those special people in our lives, my thoughts are with you. Sorry you are spending so much time at the vets, I know how that feels :( I hope your baby is better soon!

  2. Sis, sorry I haven't been keeping up with this page for the past week. This was a very nice remembrance for Dad - Terry