Monday, September 13, 2010

The Clean Up Crew

One of the best things about having a bunch of dogs is that if you make a mess that's food related, you have an instantaneous cleaning crew!   Tonight I accidentally dropped a sour cream container on my shoe ... so I just took my shoe off, left it behind and let my little sour cream eating piranhas do their work.    Within mere moments, my sandal was as good as new.    I think TRex contributed the most.  :)

Other than the sour cream fiasco the day has been pretty uneventful.     I did get a rejection phone call for a job that I really wanted.   That sucks ... I've had plenty of rejections during this job hunt but this is the first rejection for a job that I actually wanted.    It ended up sending me into a minor panic and blame game fit.     I think the cooler weather is kind of scaring me too ... definitive proof of the passage of time and yesterday marks two months for me being unemployed.   ::sigh::

So I figured I should look at some of my funnier pics.     Here's an excellent picture of Suzie in the litter box with litter on her nose.     Also, Natsumi is fascinated with my cat, Roscoe.   I have no idea why - he keeps bopping her on the head and hitting her but she keeps getting up on her hind legs to try and sniff him.    She doesn't want to hurt him, I think she looks at him like we would a leprechaun or such.  :)    You can see Natsumi's paw on the bottom left of the picture with Roscoe threatening to her to get down.     I gotta love my Roscoe, he's the last cat left from my QRS Gang ... Quincy, Roscoe and Scarlett.   I miss my cats.   Roscoe is the most "catlike" of my gang.   He's the one who is the most aloof, disinterested and actually disdainful of everything around him.     He's about 17 years old now, you'd never know it with that excellent south paw! ;)

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  1. Wow 17 years old! I wish my Pikachu was here so she could meet him :) of course she would panic because every time she sees another cat she can't quite figure out what they are, she believes herself human. :) Sending good vibes your way so you find a nice job soon!