Thursday, September 2, 2010

What is it with dogs and kitty litter boxes?

Hey Guys - Look What I Found!
Almost every foster I've ever had in my house is obsessed with the kitty litter box ... and I have two of them for one cat!   One is a very fancy schmancy one with a motor to clean the air and a big 'ol hood.  I thought for sure that would be way too intimidating for the dogs ... but nah not them.   They'll even get inside it.    The usual reason, you know, is to find that hard to find delicacy ... CAT POOP.   Sorry to be gross, but dogs can be kind of gross.   I try to be vigilant about keeping the litter box cleaned out, but you know there are times when I  miss it.    

One drawback they never thought of with scoopable litter is how easily it clumps and sticks to doggie beards and noses.   blech   That is soooo gross.    Tonight, Anne Marie did something that I've seen a couple of others do - decide to curl up in the litter box.   Thank goodness I can attest to the fact that I already cleaned it out.    But I really don't understand their where this desire comes from.     She did the same thing the others have done, she scratched the litter around first and then found an acceptable spot.    I've caught TRex doing the same thing, but heck he's crazy - I'd expect it from him.  :)   Unfortunately, he has that whole "the camera is going to steal my soul" thing going on and he's never let me get his picture in the litter box.

Settling In
You should have seen my cat, Roscoe, when he saw Anne Marie lying in his litter box.    He's a smart cat and he knows right now that he's outnumbered  by dogs at this moment.   But I am sure that there will be hell to pay tomorrow when Anne Marie finds herself alone and near Roscoe.     Anne Marie will be going to Janet's house on Saturday and maybe I should send some kitty litter and a litter box along with her.  :)

I've heard of dogs being litter box trained, but I have no idea how I could get their attention long enough for them to not be rooting around in them like a pig does for truffles.    

Mr. Sandman .... bring me a dream
Besides the issues with the litter box fascination it is really great that I have a cat to tell potential adopters how a dog behaves around cats.  I think that's invaluable because there are certain dogs I have been able to say - NO CATS.    Some breeds just aren't great with cats - dachshunds for one.    They were bred to hunt and kill small mammals and that instinct is pretty hard wired.    Suzie and Tina are awful with Roscoe, but mostly Suzie.   She's little but she's mighty.   Sometimes she'll just watch Roscoe and lick her lips ... geesh Suzie he's older than you!

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