Friday, September 17, 2010

Great News For Natsumi

Natsumi, politely waiting for her appointment
We had our follow up appointment for Natsumi today with the eye Dr. and things look great!   The pressure in her left eye, the one which is completely blind and has glaucoma in has REDUCED itself to 27 from 35!!   Normal is up to 24, so we're just 3 points above normal.   As the eye doctor said, her cataract might have "blown itself out" and has stopped leaking liquid.   If this is the case, she will never need to have this eye removed and she'll never be in pain from the glaucoma.

As for her right eye, which has minimal sight, the pressure reading in that one did not increase out of the normal range.   That was one at 22 today and it was 20 before.    The doctor said this is completely normal and nothing to be worried about.    I was so relieved.   I have to admit, I'd put off seeing the eye doctor a bit because I just didn't want to hear anything negative about this girl.

Once again, she was a perfect angel and let the vet do anything necessary and she was also a complete doll to the two office cats.   One cat, Cornelia, apparently likes to torment the blind dogs and she came over and sniffed Natsumi, but she was thrilled with the visit.    Cornelia likes to bop dogs on the head  (remember little bunny foo foo?)  but that's ok, Roscoe does that all the time to Natsumi so she's used to it.   I think she thinks it's a sign of feline affection   ha ha  As I've said, Natsumi is completely mesmerized by cats.    The other office cat, Lydia, was a sweetheart and came over and rubbed on Natsumi.    Even the receptionist said that Natsumi needed a home with a sweet cat because she was so patient and loving with them. 

It was so uplifting to hear the good news about Natsumi.   It's one of those situations where I don't realize how worried or stressed I am about something until I find out it's ok.   Then, I feel this incredible sense of relief and think "Wow, didn't know I was so caught up in that."

THE place in St. Louis to give your dog a good bath ... Four Muddy Paws
  We are going to be at Four Muddy Paws  in Lafayette Square tomorrow for an adoption event - 1711 Park Avenue.   I love this place - it's   awesome.   We have our fosters out on the beautiful patio where they can roam around and socialize and we humans can too ... socialize that is, not the roaming!      Four Muddy Paws also has self serve bath stations, a grooming salon and lots of goodies for your pets.    It's really a great place to go and the owners are very animal welfare and green  minded.    They had someone interested in Natsumi as well since she's featured on their web site.   Will Natsumi find her forever home tomorrow?   That would be great news all around.  Oh yeah, we're having a bake sale there too.   Should be a fantastic day!

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