Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You Can't Fix Stupid ...

Even though Joey isn't contagious I think my allergies have kicked into a sinus infection as well.    So I'm feeling a little under the weather and not at all tolerant of some of things people do regarding animals.    First off, our group got a notification yesterday from the APA that one of our micro chipped animals was at their facility.      This is precisely one of the reasons we microchip our animals and encourage people to keep our information attached to the chip as secondary contact.   One would think this was good news, but it unfortunately was not.    When our director, Ellen, contacted the woman who adopted this dog she told her she didn't want her anymore - she kept getting out of the yard.   This is a 12 year old, 14 lb poodle ... how hard is it to keep this dog fenced in?

I went to the APA today and picked up little Anne Marie.    I can't foster her, but I did get her out of the shelter and into my home.   I wonder if this lady understands the APA has a policy that includes a minimum age for them to consider a dog adoptable.   A 12 year old dog is not considered adoptable, so she would have been euthanized without the public even getting a chance to see her.    Most area shelters have policies like this, though the minimum age differs.    So often people dump a dog or cat or let them be picked up as a stray and they tell themselves the animal will easily find a home.    I guess that's what people say to themselves, otherwise I can't fathom why they would let their pet down so easily.

Anne Marie is a sweetheart.   She's very mellow, a little nervous, but very tolerant of all the other dogs.  She can get up on the couch and  bed on her own.   She can go down stairs, but I haven't seen her go up them yet.   I'm not sure if she's unable, or just wanted to stay outside for a while.    Anne Marie's teeth are in terrible shape - she's going to need a dental and will likely lose the majority of her teeth.  :(    We already have a foster home lined up for her and I'm sure she'll do fine.   She's one of those dogs that break my heart - for 4 years she's been someones pet.      She spent the last couple of days scared and confused in a shelter, and then some stranger (ME) comes and picks her up and she goes somewhere unfamiliar.    I took her to the vet this afternoon to get her rabies shot. Luckily, the APA gave her bordatella, distemper and did a heartworm test for us - negative! Since she'll be going into a different foster home, I thought I would make it a little easier for them and scheduled her a vet appointment.

While I was at the vet waiting for my appointment, some man and woman came in in with a pit bull.    I know pit bulls are a misunderstood breed, but that unfortunately that adds extra responsibility to owners so they can help repair their reputations by having well behaved dogs in public.     Well, this owner did not do the Pit breed any service today with his dog's behavior.   He would not stop barking, he kept lunging at people and dogs preventing them from walking through the office and generally terrifying and pissing off the entire waiting room.   Of course, the dog's name is CUJO ... good job in making sure the dog lives up to the name, dumb ass.    The woman that was with this guy kept talking on her cell phone as loud as possible and aggravating everyone.    Whenever a new customer would come in, the lady on the phone would increase her voice volume to drown them out.   I really think she was drunk - she acted totally crazy.   She was mad because they had an appointment at 4:15, but arrived after I did when my appointment was at 4:45.   So ... they got in to see the vet after me.    :)   Thanks universe for that tiny little payback to her!

Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and won't be so quick to be annoyed at the world.    But then again, Stupid People ... They're Everywhere! :)

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