Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nosy Neighbor

I always feel like somebody's watching me!
I always seem to have a foster that loves to slip between the huge spaces in my neighbor's fence and run around like a fanatic in her yard.   Now, mind you, this would normally not be an issue but I'm lucky enough to have one of those neighbor's who monitors the neighborhood for any foul play  and instantly brings it to our attention.   I  Due to fostering, I admit there are times I am over the "legal" limit at my house.   But since I'm doing a good thing and they're all temporary, I don't get too worked up about it.    Unfortunately, not so much with my neighbor.    She actually  called the city health department and lodged a complaint because I was over the limit on dogs.   :(   Luckily, I had a really nice inspector and he accepted our phone conversation that I would maintain my legal limit and he wouldn't have to come back to my house.    I was honest with him and told him what I was doing, so I think he kind of took it easy on me.   This happened in late April and I can't describe how unbelievably upsetting it was.     I was so stressed out, and here I am actually trying to make a difference and do some good!      I'm one of those people that thinks we are way too governed in our country.   I understand laws keep order and civility, but if nobody is getting hurt what does it matter if I have 6 dogs that together weigh about the same as my neighbor's Saint Bernard?        I'm not going to get political, but I do think we concentrate on petty crap instead of focusing on things that really need to change.

This neighbor will complain about anything.   When I first moved in, she got really angry with Joey's kiddie pool because it would be a magnet for mosquitoes.    I'm not a dummy, when I have a kiddie pool out - I fill it up, empty it and start again another day.   Do you think I'm going to let my kid swim in dirty water?    She's also complained that when I mow the grass, I hit her fence and cause these big huge gaps in her fence from the '50s.    And my possible favorite was when I got a great letter on my door one day where she said she couldn't open her windows and enjoy living in her home  because of the dog poop in my yard.    Really??      

So now I try to toe the line and do everything I can to make sure she's happy because I don't want her calling the health dept again.   I've rearranged my furniture so you can't see how many dogs I have in my house if they would get on my love seat and look out the window.    I've also blocked off my front door so too many doggie heads can't be spotted bopping up and down when I come home.   And I also have started letting the dogs out in shifts.    It is a pain in the butt and I have to admit I get frustrated all the time.    I'm a quiet neighbor, I don't blare music, I don't have crazy parties, I just keep to myself so it really ticks me off that I have to keep her happy.     I have to admit, I spend too much time thinking of LEGAL ways to annoy the hell out of her.    My current favorite is to start a composting worm bin- the city sponsors 'em,  and it's all  in the name of living green!  :)    If anyone has any great ideas, please pass them on!

Ok, so here we have a neighbor that doesn't like me too much and clearly doesn't like my dogs at all.     And yet I always seem to have at least one foster at all times that like to get into her yard.      My favorite was one time when a foster of mine Corrie would escape into her yard when I first got her and wouldn't let us catch her.   It was awful.    THEN one day Corrie decided to go up on my neighbor's porch and bark at her while she was in her kitchen.   THHHHHHAAAANNNKKKKSSSS Corrie.  :)

Every one of the dogs that I've fostered that do this are dachshunds ... or have dachshund in their bloodline.   Whenever one of them does it  I get into a serious frenzy and go into high alert to get them back to my house as quickly and quietly as possible.     I try to avoid her coming out into her back yard glaring at me in her house dress.      Here I am at 1 am last night Saburo decides he wants to take a stroll in my neighbor's yard.     The funny thing is, when Saburo or another dog does this - my own dogs go nuts with barking.    They know they're in trouble and they are pissed they weren't able to escape as well.    Little tattle tails!  ;)   Now, Saburo knows he shouldn't be doing this as well.   And since he's a submissive dog, he just drops and exposes his belly and won't move.    If I'm lucky, he's already gone to the bathroom.   If I'm not so lucky, then I'm in for a little bout of "submissive urination."   Last night I was unlucky, but heck I knew that when it was 1 o'clock in the morning and I'm traipsing over to my neighbor's yard in my PJs.      I ran back inside to grab my camera and take a picture of Saburo through the fence before I ruined his adventure.   

"I So Sorry Kim, I can't Hep Mysef"
I mean, he's so submissive and so sorry - how could I be mad?    He even dropped in the alley on the way back to our house.    Saburo, Saburo, Saburo ... you make me smile even if you make my neighbor crazy!    It's not like my dogs get out at any other point in my yard - only the part that is "HER" fence.   I almost got a privacy fence, but that would cost me too much.     Imagine how much dog food I could buy instead?  ha ha So for now, I'm just waiting for that next note on my door.   But I'm still a believer in live and let live!

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