Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I took two of my perma dogs to get their grooming done today - Jingle and Cooper.    I take them to 12th Street Animal Hospital downtown.   I discovered the place while I was working downtown and I really like the owner and the staff.     As with most businesses, it's all about customer service with me.    While I was there I discovered that they're shutting down the boutique portion of their store to just have a vet, groomer and doggie daycare.   They have some wonderful deals.     As it was a boutique, the items can be a bit much for my budget.    But today I got Jingle the CUTEST little outfit - it was originally $28 and I only paid $5!!    I'm probably going to use this as her Halloween costume too since she looks like a little beautiful ballerina.  :) 

12th Street Animal Hospital  also has some amazing mugs and dog dishes and beds on clearance.    Everything is at least 50% off and the beds even more so.    There's a small bed there originally $155 for only $25!!    It's crazy.    If you're able, you should check it out - at 412 N. Tucker in downtown St. Louis.  I'm sad their getting rid of their merchandise because I used to love looking at it and just dreaming.   It's the kind of stuff you just KNOW celebrities would buy their pets.     But it turns out they're having great success with the doggie daycare so they want to use the merchandise area for a small dog room.    I think they've found along with other downtown businesses that they actually are finding customers more from downtown employees and residents than tourists.    So they're adapting their business to their clientele.

They had some guinea pigs there and I have never heard a guinea pig make a noise before ... they make almost like a trilling noise.   It was so cool!  Maybe it was because I was there right before they were fed.   I kind of want a guinea pig now .... HA 

They had two very adorable cats for adoption - no adoption fee, just a good vet reference!   There's a beautiful female  long haired calico and beautiful tortie - not sure of the sex.    I had a hard time walking away from them.    One of my cats, Scarlet, was a calico.    I got her when I lived in Maine with my ex husband and they called them "Money Cats' up there because they're supposed to bring you money.   Well ... I did get a job in a bank.  ;)   If you know of a good home, check these two out.   They seemed young - very playful and sweet.

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  1. Wow Kim! I should have gone with you! I am leaving tomorrow for LA maybe I will try to get Andy to go there :)