Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays ...

Today is such a rainy day and I had plans to get so many outside things accomplished.   It's not a torrential downpour, but infrequent and misty enough to be annoying.    It is also preventing me from being productive in any way ... well productive in the ways I had planned.   And since I'm so into procrastinating mode, it's not like I can just choose something else to do INSIDE.  ha ha     

I usually HATE rainy days simply because almost all of my dogs refuse to go outside in the rain.    I don't know what their issues are, I'm thinking they've watched "Wizard of Oz" one too many times. :)   I completely lucked out today, though.    The dogs are more interested in what's going on outside than they are with dodging raindrops.     One thing, it IS Sunday and my house backs up to the parking lot of a Catholic Church.     With the number of Masses they have, it's like the dogs can choose from a matinee, rush hour, or midnight showing of Church people.  ;)      Saburo and Cooper were also trying to become a tag team squirrel hunting team.    So far, no luck.  (Thank goodness!)    With so much squirrel activity ... probably because it's chillier than usual and they're freaking out that they aren't ready for winter HA ... I was having no problem getting those two out.     Add on top of that I had opened my window in the back so they could HEAR all potential outside activity ... and voila they were all going outside unbelievably easy.

TRex is a puppy mill boy as I've said before.   I've attended a seminar in which they said short haired dogs have the hardest time in shelter/pound situations in comparison to their furrier dog friends.    With so little hair, they have an impossible time getting comfortable in a concrete or wire caged area.   I would imagine that goes especially true for the puppy mill situation as well.   I think because of this background, TRex seems to love dog beds and couches and blankets and covers more than most dogs.   He is NEVER one to just fall asleep on the tiled floor - no matter how hot it is outside and how cool that tile might feel.   He always is lying on something extremely cushy and as the weather gets chillier, he works on getting himself covered up too.    The other night TRex got himself INSIDE a pillow case.   I tried to take pictures to illustrate it.   I have to admit, it was hilarious in person.    Oh yeah, that's him cuddled up to Jingle.   She's the best dog in the world - even TRex loves her beyond belief.   More often than not, he'll be curled up next to her.   She's my puppy mill perma and I think she was a patient, wonderful mother that could soothe the grumpiest puppies and I think TRex senses she understands what he's been through before he came here.

When I got TRex as a foster, I wouldn't let him sleep in my bed for months.    He became completely overcome with unbridled joy at being in a bed and he could not calm himself down.    Seriously, he looked like the Tasmanian Devil.  It was like he was on multiple shots of caffeine interspersed with Red Bull in between.  :)     Slowly, but surely TRex calmed down when he was in bed because I would let him in bed for limited periods of time.   Thank goodness, because shortly after that he discovered how to jump into the bed himself.  :)  

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