Sunday, September 5, 2010

No Voice

As usual, in May and September I end up feeling really crummy due to allergies.    I've been feeling rough lately and then yesterday I started feeling much better.   Unfortunately, I did a lot of talking at the adoption event today and have now lost my voice.    I can speak a little in a crackly sounding voice ... funny thing is I never realized how high pitched my voice needs to be to talk to the animals.  :)    I couldn't even get Cynthia to come out of her hiding place  for a treat.   I say her name in a veeeerrrryyyyyy special manner and she doesn't know I'm talking to her if I don't say it in exactly the way I'm not able to right now.

Our adoption event went incredibly well today, over 10 dogs were adopted and we'll be back to PetCo tomorrow.   I had someone look at Saburo but they have a German Shepard mix.   Saburo can be a little, nix that,  A LOT difficult with bigger dogs.   It's such a male dachshund thing.     Every male dachshund I've fostered has had this massive attitude with bigger dogs.

Today I had Saburo in a cute red/blue clown collar in observance of Labor Day.   He looked so adorable but does he ever hate those things.   He tries to chew them off.    Tomorrow I'll be taking Natsumi to her first adoption event.    Sundays are generally quieter and I have to admit I'm a little worried about how she's going to do in this type of environment.    She may be pretty scared but I can hold her and leave early if necessary.

Love ya Janet!
Today I also passed Anne Marie off to Janet.   I'm surprised how attached I got to this little girl in just the few days she was with me.     Janet is one of the best people in our group so I know she's going into really good hands.    Janet is really a great person - I wish I could be as easy going and wise as she is.    I get upset so easily, but Janet keeps her cool unless it's really warranted not to.      I learned a little more of  Anne Marie's story today and found out that her owner was going through a divorce ... another "classic" reason for people to give up on their pet.   So, when Anne Marie ended up at the APA and our director called to let her know her first reaction was "how much will she cost to get her out?" and also a comment about how far the APA was from her house.   She didn't bother to ask if  she was ok, or if she was hurt, but how expensive and inconvenient is this going to be for me.  I don't get it, I had 3 cats when I got divorced and they helped me get through one of the most awful times in my life.    In fact, I made sure I had it stated in my divorce decree that I received "custody" of my cats.    That's one of the favorite things I ever did in my life.   I knew my ex husband could care less about keeping them himself, but it meant something to me to tell the world they were so important to me that I had them listed in a legal document.   :)


  1. I saw Anne Marie at the adoption event on Saturday, and she is a real sweetheart! Considering the condition of her teeth, though, maybe she is better off coming to rescue. Her mouth is in terrible shape and it is obvious that her owners didn't take care of her medical needs. I don't need another dog, but am seriously considering adopting her. I even had to come back on Sunday to see her again. That little face just stuck in my mind!