Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bad Boy Burton

Burton has one of the biggest personalities of any dog I've fostered. He is such a little Nutt Butt I can't believe how much he cracks me up. A while back I posted a picture of him sitting on my computer desk in front of my computer. This is a daily occurrence. He MUST lie in the cat's bed and he's decided he MUST drink the cat's water because it happens to be the most delicious water in the entire world. The water happens to also be on my desk, so he's always flying up on my lap to bounce onto the desk. He's like a jealous child where Roscoe is concerned. He has quit barking at Roscoe, though, so maybe they've brokered an uneasy truce. Roscoe shares his bed and water and Burton keeps piped down????

When it's time to eat, I put all the dogs in different rooms. Mostly it's to keep the chubbers and spazs from eating everyone else's food. I feed TRex first - locked away in the bathroom. Then, I feed Burton and Natsumi locked away in my bedroom. Between the time I take the food bowl to the bathrom for TRex and get back to my room with their food, Burton is in a frenzy. I wish I could get it captured on video - but he is literally so excited his jumps become even more enormous than usual. And not only does he jump, but he jumps sideways - back and forth OVER Natsumi. It truly looks like something straight out of a cartoon.

Right after I got my notice from the health department, Bad Boy Burton thought he'd take matters into his own hands and found a way to get into my neighbors yard. I couldn't believe it - it was driving me crazy. That was the ONE thing I felt good about - that my dogs weren't really affecting their life in any way. Because as you know, having a little dog running willy nilly in your yard is comparable to having a zombie outbreak what with all the damage they can do. :) It took me a little bit to find the s I finally had to take my political signs from Prop B - and I got another one too and staked them into the ground and tried to weave one of them through my neighbor's fence to prevent his little opening.

The Grass IS always greener ...
Now, he just sits mournfully right by the fence and contemplates exactly what he would be doing if he could just get his little wiggly body over there. I was able to catch some pictures today and I thought it was so funny. As you can see, he sticks his nose through and looks fairly pitiful. If I were on "friendlier" terms with my neighbor I would have tried going into their yard and taken pictures.

The person who was interested in Burton changed their mind. They wanted a puppy instead ... they told me their son found a bunch of puppies in Wentzville for her. I had a really hard time not responding back with a lecturing email to make sure she met the parents, was allowed on the property where the dogs, etc, etc to make sure it was a reputable breeder. But I chose not to.

I've decided I'm going to just ignore people who annoy me. When people get rude or unreasonable, there's no reason why I should spend my time and energy trying to convince them that they're rude or unreasonable. Not that this particular lady was rude, but I've been dealing with a couple of whack jobs of late so I seem to have a little less patience with people that confuse me.   One thing to remember with a whack job - they're whack jobs to everyone so it's never, ever personal. Well except for my neighbor ....    If they're all not careful, I'll sick Bad Boy Burton on them!

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  1. Bad Boy Burton will find his new home soon! he is such a cutie :) I love his dramatic pose and stare in to the neighbors yard, dachshunds are SOOOOO dramatic!