Sunday, November 21, 2010

What to do with a dachshund named Burton?

Geesh, my little nut case was in TOP form today.   Yes, he's still getting into my neighbor's yard and I can't figure out where.    Becky gave me an awesome idea and I am definitely going to put it into action once I have the time, inclination, funds, and find someone to saw some stuff up for me.    She suggested I get some wood lattice, cut it into pieces and then zip tie it into place.    That way it blocks Burton AND it doesn't affect my neighbor's fence because I am sure she would get mad if I damaged her cruddy fence in any way. 

This morning Burton ended up in my neighbors yard ... and he decided to go up on my neighbor's porch and start barking at my neighbor while she was in her kitchen.   I'm such a chicken $hit and didn't feel up to dealing with a cranky lady so I sent Joey over to fetch him.  HAHA   I can't believe he actually did it!   Joey thought it was hilarious what Burton was doing and he knows my neighbor never talks to him, so I guess that's why he was ok with it.   :)   Joey kept telling me we're going to get another note from the health department on our door because of Burton's antics.   I hope not.   

Then, tonight Burton got over there again and by the time I got him back on our side of the fence - I realized he's missing his collar and tag.    That's the last thing I need is for this little Houdini to be without a collar and tag for any length of time.   He's never ashamed of his behavior either, he's usually charged up and all full of himself.   After we get him back into our yard, our schnoodles Hopper and Cooper generally want to try and teach him a lesson for being so bad.   But you know what?   Burton turns it into a game and just races around the yard and when he gets near them he lunges at them and then narrowly escapes to run around some more.    With his little legs, I can't believe he can outrun Cooper but he can and boy does that annoy Coop.  :)   I had some really cute pictures of this going on tonight, but something weird happened with my camera and it kept deleting the pics before I could get them transfered.    ARGH

We visited my Mom today and we took TRex over with us.    On our way, we stopped at Starbucks and they offered him a "Puppy Latte" - it's one of the coolest things in the world.     Usually they'll put the whipped cream in a lid but today he got a sample cup filled to the rim with whipped cream.   He was in HEAVEN - the woman at the drive up was laughing like crazy at how insane he went when he saw the puppy latte.    He cracks me up at my Mom's house he thinks it's just a scavenger hunt for food and he will walk on anything he can reach - end tables, window sills, backs of couches, regular tables, etc.   I think it's funny.    My favorite thing he does when we're over there is he gets a bone or chewie and then he "buries" it in the couch.    It is too cute.     He is so worn out after his visit, I think he's going to sleep very well tonight.   One of the things I really love about TRex is that he seems to completely understand when he's being treated special for a day - the puppy latte and the visit to LaLa's house.    He seems so content with himself and it makes me so happy when I think of where he came from.    My Mom particularly loved his little sweatshirt because it comes with a hoodie.

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