Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Day

WOW - it happened.   Missouri actually passed Proposition B.   I really didn't know if it would happen or not.   What's strange is a lot of people in the media were surprised at how close it was.  I guess they weren't paying attention to the fear mongering lies being spread throughout the state by the opposition.   I saw in the very early days of the campaign how people I like and volunteer with were even misinformed.   I knew at that point we had an uphill battle.   I think everyone "in the trenches" knew it was a tough fight and every single vote really did matter.    That's why those of us who volunteered came off maybe as a bit rabid about it.     We posted letterers to the editor, we commented on lettersand/or articles that we didn't agree with, we handed out literature, we put signs in our yards and we even added a signature to our emails "Vote Yes on Prop B."   I mean, we did every little thing we could do to help get the message out.   In my case, I also made sure my  Mom had a ride to the polls so she could cast her vote.

Monday night I was actually on the computer researching how many registered voters there are in Missouri and how many people were expected to come out and vote so I could calculate how many votes we needed.  :)     I promised myself I would not get down about the results until the final tally because I knew in my heart of hearts that it was a battle.

Yesterday I also stood outside my polling place and handed out literature while I had my puppy mill girl, Jingle, with me      Another woman was stumping for Ed Martin who came out heatedly against Prop B.    She had all sorts of anti Prop B literature with her, but you know what?   She had never once read the proposition.   I was offended by that and I was also offended that this woman from North County came to MY South City polling place to spew her lies.     Only one person was nasty to me when I tried to hand literature to him - it was this old man who said he was a "judge."   When I tried to give him the literature he said "NO, HELL NO!"    What an ass .... it's times like this where I hate always taking the high road.   Sometimes it is just so not satisfying to be the better person.   But, I knew as a representative of the proposition I couldn't do anything but smile and walk away.   AARRGGHH      Oh well, I hadn't voted yet so I went ahead and voted "no" for every male judge up for re election.    Boy I showed him, didn't I? ha

When I went to bed last night, the results were pretty close and Prop B was losing.    Everyone on TV was giving it a death sentence.     Maybe it was lucky I've got a gnarly sinus infection so I'd rather sleep than get all worked up.    But I wasn't really too stressed about it.     I reminded myself to wait until all the precincts had reported. ;)     But around midnight, it was so weird - Suzie came in and woke me up to get in my bed.     She usually does this around 2, so I figured this was a "sign" to check out the vote and sure enough - we were actually up to 51% "YES" with only 4% not reporting.     So, to wake up this morning to 52% - what more can I say but WOOHOO?!!    And for all those naysayers who keep saying "It barely passed by 52% ... well that's what we call a simple majority BABY!"  :)

Today was the day that both Burton and Bonham said goodbye to their little reproductive man parts ... as expected, Bonham is having a worse time.    He actually was too hyper after his surgery so now he's very swollen and bruised.  :(    Burton is doing quite well, but I expected him to - he's the younger one.    I need to give Bonham anti inflammatory and antibiotics for the next week and ice his "area" up in the morning and night. 

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