Friday, November 19, 2010


Wow it's amazing how many ways I use my voice to communicate with the dogs.    I've been hoarse for weeks and it's gotten progressively worse this past week.   I am at a whisper if I'm lucky and am now on a second set of antibiotics.   I just want to sound like myself again.  :(    Remember how I was raving about the Walgreens Take Care clinic?   Well ... let me revise that a little.   I called this past week to tell them I didn't get any better because that's what the woman who saw me told me to do.      The person I talked to on Tuesday was NOT the person who saw me in person and she started giving me all this "viral" talk which I totally understand.    But  I explained to her that this has been going on a month and it's not improving at all so something should be done.    Her response?   "Well, if it hasn't killed you in a month you'll be fine."   Niiiiiiiiice, huh?

You Won't Like Me When I'm ANGRY
It really sucks to be without a voice.      Especially with my cast of characters, I *really* need my voice.   I need to be able to call Burton in a stern manner as he's running rampant in my neighbors yard.   You know the way he runs willy nilly through her yard he'd probably be a streaker if he were human.    That dog can not get more joy out of running in my neighbor's yard than he can get in anything else in this world.   :)    One day I hope to catch it on video.    Joey thinks he's doing it for me - as a way to annoy my neighbor.    That'd be perfect if I didn't have to walk over to her yard every day and get him.    See the lovely pics with my demon boy begging to be let out of her gate?   The scary thing is .... I had my "red eye correction" on my camera.    He really is a hell hound!!   It's not just Burton that I need special voice tactics with.     I use a crazy high pitched voice for Natsumi ... it gets her attention more than anything in the world.   And, of course, when I'm getting ready to feed the dogs I always say REEEEEEEEXXXXXX in a completely nutty way that he absolutely relates to.  ;)

Monster Burton
I need my voice back and now!!   I'm feeling pretty crummy and won't be able to make it to the adoption event tomorrow.  I'm hoping a somewhat laid back weekend will help me feel better along with the new meds I've been prescribed.   Last night I was coughing so bad I was convincing myself that my throat was swelling up and I was going to suffocate in my sleep.   I don't do too well with being sick.    I was alone with Joey at his Dad's house and I can get a little extra mental when I feel bad.    That's definitely not a good thing for me and those around me HA.    Doncha just love Burton in his Monster sweater?   I changed him into it tonight because he was at his monsterific height.    He jumped on my lap while I was taking a tinkle!!! 

Work is going fantabulous.   I actually know what I'm doing and understand all the jargon, I just have to figure out their procedures.    It's so cool - they have every bit of information anyone would need on their web site.   If I need a form - I can find it on the website.   If I'm not sure what documents are acceptable for a loan approval - it's listed on the website.   If I want to change my direct deposit - IT'S ON THE WEBSITE.  :)    It's really fantastic.    I'm so lucky to have this job.    The only reason I got it is because the day I was fired from my last job I called one of my friends and told her.    We hadn't talked for a couple of months and it's divine intervention that I chose to call her.   She told me she was getting ready to join the work force again and she'd let me know what she heard about.   She'd been able to stay home with her two kids the last few years but with the economy, she was having to go back to work.   Then, a couple of weeks later she called me and let me know she had started a new job and passed my name on to management.     I interviewed in July and they kept me in mind for this last position that opened up.   I am so grateful.    Today I took her in a bottle of Philosophy shower gel.     She really made a huge difference in my life and I hope she knows how grateful I am to her.     Not only did I find a job - but with a solid company, good pay, good benefits and good people.    How the heck did I luck out???  :)   
Oh yeah ... world ... I like to tell this story.    When I was fired from my last job because the company was doing so poorly and they couldn't afford me guess what the owner did shortly after letting me go?   He bought a convertible Cadillac from Ebay with $9,000 cash and went on a family vacation to Greece.    So sad that they were in such dire financial straits, eh?   Isn't that so typical?    blech   I'll just have to be satisfied with the knowledge the universe will teach him a lesson for that behavior somewhere down the line.     I wonder if he has any fancy landscaping that I could let Burton loose in? ;)

What will I do without Harry, Hermione and Ron???
I just purchased my tickets for the Mega Screen showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallos Part 1!!  I am so psyched for this movie.    woohoo      Today I heard a reviewer talking about how "dark" this one is and that beloved characters die and it could be really upsetting to kids.   Um, it could be upsetting to the parents too.   Remember when I read that part in the book to Joe and I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed and couldn't reach for quite a long time?   I take my fictional characters seriously.    :)

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