Sunday, November 14, 2010

Old Webster's Holiday Walk

We were fortunate enough today to have a bake sale out in front of Lucky Dog in Old Webster.    This is one of my very favorite dog stores.   It's a dog boutique, but they have such a wide variety of items that you can find something for any budget.    The owner, Beth Fox, is such an amazing lady.    She has been very considerate of our group and is very rescue oriented and always thinking of ways to help her "favorite" rescues in the area.    We're so lucky we're one of them!  :)   Her employee, Boomer, is a great woman too.   She's a total dachshund lover and usually has one or two of her pack with her while she's working.   They're both so helpful and kind to everyone that walks in their doors.    They're the type of people that remember the names of their dog and human customers alike.    As I said, some of the best people on the planet work in that store.       

I could not help but buy this adorable sweater for Burton today.   It needs to get a little cooler, but it's perfect for his little devil personality.   It's handmade wool, and it has the face of a monster on it.    Who else deserves such a cute sweater?   They also had these adorable monkey ones that had hoodies with a monkey face on them, but they didn't have them in our required size.   I was so sad - they were so cute.   BUT Boomer is the one who pointed out the monster sweater for me.   See, told you they're great!                            

The holiday walk was going on from 10-5 and I had the morning shift so I left around 2:00.    But up until  that time, we were doing a booming business.  I wish I had taken my camera with me, but one of our volunteers went all out and baked on her own an entire table's worth of goodies.   She had miniature pumpkin pies, dipped holiday pretzels, and cake balls that looked like suckers.     We also sold hot cider and hot chocolate.   Yummy Yummy Yummy     As I was leaving, a woman that was familiar with our group gave us a $300 check!   Isn't that amazing and generous?   Wow - we were all floored and so grateful.

The holiday walk was a lot of fun.    There's a trolley that takes people between different areas of  Old Webster Groves, there's strolling carolers and if you're lucky you get to see Santa coming down the street.   We had so much fun and I can't wait to hear how much money we made for the dogs.   I was so relieved, the stuff I baked actually sold this time!  Seriously, I've only been successful the last two times in selling the goods I baked.   Before that, I was always bringing my stuff home - how humiliating and depressing. ;)

Here's a Bad Boy Burton update:  I put up some more Prop B signs between my yard and my neighbors and it worked like a charm .... for about 2 hours.    That little bum has found ANOTHER spot to wedge his way through.  I don't know what to do, especially now that it's getting colder and the ground is going to be hard to put stuff into it.    If anyone has any great ideas (besides forcing Burton to wear an e-collar nonstop, which I *have* considered!) please let me know.

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