Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fancy Banner

My talented boy Joey - thank you!!!
Isn't my new banner great?  JTK made it for me (Joey that is) because he went ahead and bought a yearly subscription to the banner making site.    If you notice, it's copyrighted to him - Shotata Platoon which is a Keronian platoon he created based on the Japanese anime series Keroro.    I love the banner!   That's a picture of one of our previous fosters who was named Barkley.   He's now Frankie and is amazingly famous due to all his great and hilarious pictures.    Barkley/Frankie came from a puppy mill and this picture was from his first snow.   He just kept sticking his face in the snow and we called him Barkley SnowBeard for a few days.  :)

Up To NO Good
Today was a busy cleaning day.   I had to clean my basement.   I have an odd house - my fireplace is in the basement and with Christmas Eve and Christmas coming up, the fireplace area has to be nice and tidy so Santa can make his trip into our home.   :)   I have a little more cleaning to do but it felt great - I felt like I got so much accomplished.   Now that I'm back to work and I have so little free time I'm a lot more productive when I'm home.  

Burton was bad to the bone because I was making so many trips back and forth to my dumpster.   I think he made it into my neighbor's yard close to 10 times this afternoon.   I think I have it figured out where he's making it through and I'm going to try and get it fixed this week.   I get paid on Tuesday so let's see what kind of damage I can do.  ;)    Here's a picture of Burton sitting on a lawn chair and it looks like he's trying to see into my neighbor's yard to plan his next excursion once he's makes it over there.   Man is he ever full of personality!

I bought this really cute item at Wal Mart - it's a little kit where you take your dog's paw or kid's hand and make an ornament.   I got it for Joey to make one with Tina and he enjoyed it so much he wants to do one for each of the dogs.    Here he is working on writing her name in Japanese and English.  ;)    It was sooo funny when Joey pressed her paw into the clay.   It's very sticky and tacky and she tried pulling her paw out of it and it wouldn't come out ... oh man, she was completely horrified and disgusted.    Joey and I could hardly stop laughing at her reaction.     It's a really cool little item - it's only $5 and you finish it in less than an hour.   You knead the clay for 2 mins, put it in the circle shape, do the paw print and bake it for 30 mins.   VOILA a timeless keepsake for your furry loved ones.

Since I spent the majority of the day in the basement, so did most of the dogs.    Here are three of the boys sacked out on the futon in the computer room.  I discovered that a queen set of sheets works just as good as a slipcover and it's sure easier to get on/off and washed!   That's why we've got the jazzy red.
Hopper, TRex and Bonham
Lastly, I want to send a big ol shout out THANK YOU to Robin.    Yesterday when she visited with Corrie she gave our group a very generous donation.    We are so grateful to people like Robin that help us do what we do.    Corrie is a very, very lucky girl to have such a sweet, kind and thoughful human like Robin.  

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