Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Foxie Roxie

Ok, I admit it - I can be a bit diabolical.    But it's ALWAYS for a good cause.  Over a year ago I started fostering this little Pomeranian/chihuahua mix named Foxie Roxie because she looks like a chubby little fox.    She had been returned after having been adopted out 4 years earlier.    Apparently, the woman who adopted her had to move in with her daughter.    Her daughter had a busy life, with lots of guests and visitors popping in.   Well, Foxie Roxie can be a bit of a cranky old lady and she didn't think kindly on these young whipper snappers who came to visit.    Alas, poor little Foxie Roxie was brought back to St. Louis from Iowa as a return.  :(

While she was with me, she was a doll.   She could get a little territorial of a human but she did well with both Joey and I.    Then, one day I thought I heard her pass out in the middle of the night.   By the time I got to her, she was up and around and it appeared that nothing was wrong.   Then, it happened again.  I witnessed it and it was one of the scariest things I've ever seen.    After being diagnosed with an arrhythmia which is an abnormal heart rhythm.     It was then decided she would need to visit a cardiologist and be monitored with an EKG to see exactly what was going on.

At the time, I was working and I knew Foxie needed to be with someone who was home all the time.   I ended up asking my Mom, with every intention of it being a temporary situation.   Foxie had to be monitored for about a month and when she had an episode, there was a protocol that had to be followed while you dialed in to the reporting center.   It was amazingly complicated.     Finally, the put Foxie Roxie on a bunch of medications and said that she needed to stay in a quiet home.    At that time, the couple of people in our group who have quiet homes were full with fosters and there was nowhere for her to go.   So, I asked my Mom if she would foster her for a while.    It was SUCH AN ORDEAL to get her to agree.   You have to know my Mom - she's the side of the family I get my nutjob genes from. ;)

After a while of her staying with my Mom, my brother, Craig, and I noticed there was a marked change in my Mom's disposition and personality.    I always knew that animals were good for people and had frequently tried to get my Mom to adopt another cat, but she couldn't bear the heartbreak of having to say goodbye when their time comes.    Craig and I were amazed at the difference so we conspired to adopt her for Mom under this fabulous program we have with Stray Rescue of St. Louis.    Two of our dogs at a time can be under this "Seniors for Seniors" program which has a special grant set aside for it.    If any senior citizen adopts a senior dog, their vet bills will be covered by Stray Rescue.    That means, a senior citizen that really needs a companion but is on a fixed income can find a loving friend and not worry about medical care for the dog.    At the time we decided Mom needed to adopt Foxie, we used an approved vet on Stray Rescues list.   Now that Stray Rescue has their own vet within their own location, they simply go to their facility.

Today Craig had to take Foxie Roxie because she had a swelling on her jaw and she was given antibiotics and requested a check up in two weeks - all at no cost to my Mom.    This weekend our group is having a special Senior Dog adoption event and Stray Rescue has agreed to cover ALL senior dogs that are adopted by senior humans that are adopted this weekend only.   Isn't that amazing???

My Mom still thinks she's fostering Foxie, which is a little sneaky.    But do you know how some people  refuse to do something that's good for them?   Well, that's how this is so we did it for her.  :)   My brother paid her adoption fee and we take turns getting her to the vet.    Everyone is happy - especially Foxie Roxie and my Mom, two cranky old ladies hanging out at home complaining about the world together.  They're a perfect city dwelling pair - you know how riled up we get when someone takes "our" parking spot on the public street.  Well, now my Mom has Foxie Roxie to bark to the world about the injustice of it all. ;)     If you know someone who would fit this bill, make sure to stop by PetCo in Kirkwood this weekend.     It's one of the best programs in the world to unite people and dogs.      

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