Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cooper Vs. The Bath

Why Must You Continue To Do This To Me??
Cooper is so darned dramatic when he's given a bath.   The dog is about 6 years old, I've had him since he's a puppy.    He's a white dog ... a bath is NOT a unique experience for him.    But ... I have to distract him once I've taken his collar off or it's impossible to catch the bugger.      When he's in the bath, he is really well behaved.    He seems to even enjoy it a little.    But once he is out of that water - it's like he's running from the wetness on his fur.    He growls and grumbles and sneers and snarls and races through the house desperately rushing from one cloth item to another in an insane frenzy to rub it ALL OFF NOW!!!!    Of course, this gets every other dog in the house wound up as well and they end up chasing him or being chased depending on which direction he's going at the time.    Tonight it was Cooper and Burton and Bonham.   It was hilarious - I couldn't get Joey to stop playing his darn Wii long enough to check it out.   ::sigh::   This picture is of Cooper shortly after he's taken his bath and he's near Joey.    He thinks Joey will miraculously be able to get it ALL OFF NOW.   :)

A little drier, a little happier
Considering how insane Cooper gets after a bath, one would think that he'd enjoy the chance to be toweled off.   Um, no!!    The towel is obviously an instrument of death created by cats and he wants nothing to do with it.    If you come near him with the towel it increases his torture exponentially in comparison to how close the towel is to him.

I had to give Natsumi a bath too because she gets dirty so quickly.   I'm going to be able to take her to the adoption event this weekend and she needs to looks as spiffy as possible.   Unfortunately, she chose to start kicking clumpable litter out of the cat litter box while she was wet.    For all of you with cats, you know that stuff basically turns to concrete once it comes in contact with liquid.   

Natsumi is my little cupboard thief.   I have to keep my pantry shut as tight as possible or she will knock various things down to eat.   Of course, all of the dogs join in but she's definitely the instigator.    That girl's nose totally makes up for her poor vision! :)    Just now I caught her ripping up some instant oatmeal packets ... geesh.   THEN she got a hold of some of my Brita pitcher filters and ran off with one!  I had to just hunt her down to save it.     Guess this is what I get for giving them baths on the Eve of Thanksgiving Eve.

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