Friday, November 26, 2010

New Camera - Thanks Black Friday!

Well I bought a pretty cool Nikon camera to replace the Kodak I had recently purchased and HATED.   I need to return it now, though.    I tried this morning but the Wal Mart actually closed down their damn returns department.    How is that possible??   I am so disappointed with my last Kodak camera.    I've had Kodak easy share cameras for the past few years and I love them.    I love the Kodak software, the cameras are so simple, they're great.    The camera I got, though, ruined the majority of my pictures it was hard to transfer and it was just an all around miserable camera.    Boo Hiss :)    This is an example of my horrible experience.     And the thing that really sucked is I seemed to have gotten a ton of really cute pictures but they got ruined after I transferred them.     ugh     But look at this beautiful picture of Burton from my new camera.    This is the only pic on this page from the Nikon.   You can see almost every strand of hair on his ears and his colors and magnificent!    And, of course, his true demon soul is shining through his eyes in red.  ;)    You can even see a cat hair stuck on his nose - which is there from him always stealing Roscoe's bed and rooting around in it with his long 'ol nose. 

So, Thanksgiving is over and I have to admit I'm relieved.   Thanksgiving isn't the easiest day for me.   I miss my Dad, I miss my nephew, I wish my brother and sister in law still lived here and I have to send Joey off to his Dad's for half the day.    It's just not the Norman Rockwell day that it's all cracked up to be.    

We had my Mom over and she stayed the night Wednesday night.   She was a little freaked out by the dog activity and I think we drove her a little insane.    But that's ok, she's already in the nutty neighborhood so it's not too far of a drive.  ;)     She brought Foxie with her and Foxie doesn't really like not being the only dog or center of attention.   She was doing better by Thursday morning, but Wednesday night she had a very, very droopy tail.   :)    Bonham and Natsumi absolutely loved having my Mom here.   Bonham would not leave her side.   She's his perfect kind of owner - someone who likes to hang around home and watch TV and stuff.    She couldn't believe what a Velcro dog he is (that's the name we give to dogs who like to really STICK to their owner's haha)    She also held and loved on Natsumi quite a while and said that she reminded her of a Teddy Bear and couldn't believe how we still had this beautiful dog.    Even my Mom was amazed at how well Natsumi gets around, though.    Once her perfect home comes along I'll be so relieved. 

Joey loves having his Grandma over.   He calls her LaLa - I don't know why he started calling her that, but he did.    Maybe it was a Teletubby influence I'm not sure.    My Mom prefers to sleep on my couch and Joey gets an air mattress out and they snooze together in the living room.    Because of that setup, they had a bunch of dogs that I would usually have in my room and I slept so great Wednesday night.   :)    Here's Joey on his air mattress with Hopper and snuggled up as always with Tina.    And that's Tina peeking out from under the covers.   

I had to work today but that's ok.    As I've told all my friends - there is no way I'm complaining about working the day after Thanksgiving because it means I'm working.   I'm covering for a girl that went on vacation so that's really cool - I'll really be able to get into the nitty gritty of everything and I'll be up to speed in no time!    There were only 7 of us there today - and all but 1 of us had been there less than 6 months.   HA   Good thing the rest of the world was busy shopping and recovering from yesterday so we couldn't really mess anything up.

I'll be at PetCo tomorrow with Natsumi, Bonham and Burton.    Hopefully Katie and Dan will be able to stop by with the doxie babies Velma and Niko.    And hopefully even more so they'll take Bonham or Burton home with them.  ;)

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