Friday, November 12, 2010

Burton ... Bad to WORSE

He's sooooo sweet
Oh my gosh, what a stinker Burton is.   I should have known I'd jinx  myself.    But since I posted on my blog last night Burton has escaped into my neighbor's yard like a DOZEN times.   I think I've figured out where he's going through and I'll get it blocked tomorrow.    Now I know what he was doing gazing into my neighbor's yard - he was figuring out which opening was the best for escape.    Oh my gosh, he is too ridiculous.   And... during the middle of the night I had to get up and tell him to QUIT BARKING AT ROSCOE!!    Is that just too hilarious?   Totally jinxed myself.   I don't care - he makes me laugh and I love that he has such a love and zest for life.   This little dude knows how lucky he is to be alive so he's not playing it safe.    I know I make him sound like a brat, but he is such a great dog.   He's funny, he's loving, he's cute, he gets along great with people and other dogs (the jury is still out on the cat thing) and he's housebroken.   He is one amazing little dog.

TRex has completely recovered from his neck disk issues.   He's back to his old self, but maybe a little more mellow.  I think it's good for TRex for me to be working so he has some serious alone time to nap in bed all by himself.   It helps center him    Here's a couple of funny pics of TRex.    The first one says it all ... literally!   The next one is how TRex generally spends his evenings - laying on me or leaning on me in some way.   He seems to really like to hang on or over your shoulder and Joey always says "Rex is being a parrot again!" :)    If you look closely in this picture, you can see Joey's finger.   He's actually doing one of Rex's favorite things - he's what we call "pudging" him.    Joey just takes his finger and lightly presses into his fleshy belly and says PUDGE.   TRex loves it and we crack up constantly.   We were at a dog park once and a man mistook TRex for a female because his "pudge" was so low it hid his manly parts and the old guy said he looked like he had udders.   So ever since then, joey will take his finger and thumb and put them on each side of his pudge and yell UDDERS!!  :)   Yep, we do what we can here in middle America to amuse ourselves.

I in my happy place right now
I am not going to an adoption event tomorrow because it's a hectic weekend.   Tomorrow is the first stage of Scouting for Food and Joe is a Boy Scout.   They have to put bags out on the porches all over our neighborhood.    I've helped for many years and it's a lot more complicated than you think - where you can and can't put them and how you must tie them.    :)    Then, he has a merit badge course to try and get his carpentry badge.   And finally tomorrow evening we're going to see Cinematic Titanic which is a live presentation of the MST 3000 series that used to play on Comedy Central.   We've gone a few times and Joey just belly laughs from it.    It's funny, but I get more tickles and grins from seeing how funny he thinks it is.

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  1. LOL Kim, I love the pictures of Burton, angel dog/devil dog hahaha Right now were praying our devil dog (Izzy) doesn't get bloat, she must have ate quite a bit of food, her belly is hard as a rock!