Thursday, November 4, 2010

Zsa Zsa & Eva

 Two of my former fosters, a pair of poodle sisters are coming back to the group after having found a home last July.   These two girls are classic puppy mill dogs - very skittish, very fearful of men and just plain not sure of their place in the world.    They had been adopted out twice before their final Mom, Sara, decided to adopt them and kept them together.    It was one of my proudest moments in fostering history - I had actually found a home for these two girls together.     They both can be very sweet, but Eva is terrified of Joey so she hid under my bed the entire time he was here.    Zsa Zsa would come out and give kissies like crazy so I knew they could show affection and bond with a human.

As usual, when I have a bonded pair I am unable to separate them.    There are many people in our group who feel that the personalities of the dogs shine through when they're no longer relying on each other for support.     But I guess I'm just too stubborn and couldn't fathom separating two dogs that seemed to really need each other to survive.    I always thought Zsa Zsa and Eva were a particularly pitiful story.    When they came to us, they were immediately scheduled for a spay surgery.     One of the sisters was already under anesthesia when it was discovered she was pregnant and the puppies couldn't be saved.     It was determined the other sister was not healthy enough to carry her puppies to term so they had to be aborted as well.      Both of these dogs mourned the loss of their unborn pups.    If I hadn't seen their behavior and demeanor  in the weeks after their surgeries, I might not have believed how pronounced their grief was.    I always felt like I let them down in some way, maybe the one sister COULD have carried her puppies.    I just know that I know longer go to the vet that encouraged us to make  that decision.

Unfortunately, Sara's cats are having some serious health issues and she has to give up Zsa Zsa and Eva.   She's really heartbroken about it and has asked that I guarantee they be kept together.   Right now, I can't give her that guarantee because I won't be the one fostering them when they get back into the group.    I don't have room right now, actually nobody does.    We usually work it in the group that whoever was the original foster will take their foster back.    It just doesn't always work out like that.    Sara had actually contacted me this past July and asked me if I could adopt them from her and I had to tell her no.   I can't adopt any more dogs, I legally have the limit under my name in the city.  I can not add another dog to the roster.    In fact, they might have to be boarded until room opens up.   And when it does open up, I can almost guarantee that it will be in different homes.

I think it's wonderful that our contract states that we will always take a dog back from someone if things don't work out in 3-5 years.    In fact, they HAVE to bring the dog back to us.   Sometimes I wonder, though, if we weren't an option if the people would try harder to find a solution themselves.

I received an email from Sara this evening begging me to keep them together because they will die apart.  She even offered to pay someone $150/month to keep them together.     I haven't seen Zsa Zsa & Eva for over a year now so I'm able to have a little bit of  detachment.    It's hard, but if someone gives their dog up they really don't get to say what happens to the dogs anymore.   

I really hope it works out.    Today has been a really positive day.  I found out that my background, criminal and drug testing all came back clean so I've been officially cleared to start work on Monday.   What a relief!   My unemployment is running out and Christmas is bearing down on me.    I am so excited that I'll be able to have cash on hand again.    I'll miss spending so much time with my dogs, but they really do sleep most of the day away so I think they'll be able to nap without my presence.  :)     Also when I opened a box of Halloween Dots I found only red ones - my favorites!   Maybe this is proof that Zsa Zsa and Eva will find their happily ever after?   I sure hope so ..

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