Monday, November 1, 2010

Belated Happy Halloween

One of our jack-o-lanterns
I love Halloween.    Usually I go all out and have a major decoration fest, covering my yard with tombstones and spiderwebs and zombies and anything else.     But with Joey camping a couple of weekends in October and me not feeling well, I ended up going pretty low scale this year.    But I still made time to carve some pumpkins!    I went ahead with the "puking pumpkin" this year.    I think I was trying to horrify my neighbor, but I'm sure she didn't even notice it.  

Hopper the Little Devil

A spectacular decoration in our "hood"
Our neighborhood is great for trick or treaters.    At the last minute, Joey decided he wanted to go ahead and go out instead of just handing out candy.     Leading up to Halloween, I tried to talk him into it because I think at 13 he can no longer go.    But he kept saying no ... until 6:00 last night. :)   We have tons of masks from years past, so it was pretty easy for him to throw a costume together.   Not me, though.    I had no time to prepare!  UGH  I just wore my "Happy Hollow  Weenie" tshirt with the skeleton of a dachshund on it.     I love Halloween in my neighborhood - for blocks all around people go all out on Halloween.   They invite their friends over and pretty much have a party handing candy out.    It's so much fun for kids and adults like and it's great to have a feeling of community.     Of course, my neighbor doesn't even pass candy out - does that surprise you? :)    I took one of our dogs with us for Trick or Treating.   Hopper still had his devil costume on, so it worked perfectly well.

Bonham my beautiful boy
Bonham is still doing really well.   He's a major snuggler.   He loves being held while he
 sleeps.   He's also a HUGE grunter.   I love that about dachshunds - they make the funniest sounds.     I just had him outside and I had to carry him up the steps and he just grunted the whole time.    "Kim, uggggg I don't ugggg like the uggggg cold uggggg and the dark uggggg."    I need to work on taking more pictures of him because he is so beautiful.     People are kind of making fun of me because I keep raving about this dog - but you really have to see him in person to just see what I'm talking about.   So far, I have not gotten a picture that does him justice. 

Roscoe says:   Just try it, DOG, I dare ya!!

Bonham and Burton are soooo different.    But both are so wonderful.     They haven't decided who is dominant and take turns showing the other who is boss.    I keep changing my mind who's King of the Dachshunds.   :)    Burton still has a lot of puppy left in him and is just a fun little nut.     He is obsessed with being in my cat's bed that stays on the computer desk.   This is fine if Roscoe is elsewhere, but it's not too smart if he's not.   Burton just can not keep from jumping up on my lap and onto the desk.    I think it's a combination of wanting something that isn't his and not being able to bear having attention on him.     He is so funny.    Whoever adopts him will delight in his antics and will find a lot of happiness with him.    Whoever adopts Bonham is going to love how much he loves being with his human.    He seems to always want to be touching me.    He's so sweet.   He hasn't given any kisses yet, but he has reached up to let me know he wants me to pick him up.     Both boys are scheduled for their neuter surgeries on Wednesday.     I've got a marking war going on in my house so that will be a relief.   However, their testosterone doesn't leave their system for a while ... we'll see how long that takes.


  1. Moxie would like to point out that there is no need for another King of the Dachshunds, he is the one and only ;)

  2. I think that is a good picture of Bonham seeing him in the sunlight would show his beautiful coat! LOL that look on Burton's face, that so looks like my Izzy trying to convince our cats she isn't going to hurt them, just steal their food!