Friday, November 5, 2010

Vet Trip For TRex

Centerfold Boy ;)
TRex has issues with a disc in his neck, it mostly flares up in the cold weather.   I try to keep a shirt on him when it gets to be that time, but it didn't seem to help this year.    I waited it out a few days because he really seemed to be getting better, but then it would get worse again.    When he moved his head a certain way, the poor guy would cry.     TRex reminds me of Joey when he was younger.   Joey was always go - go - go  talk - talk - talk and it was exhausting!   Then, when he would feel bad I just hated how QUIET he was.     Same with TRex, I missed him being his obnoxious self.   :)     While the vet examined him, he was an ANGEL - it's hilarious.   The dog is totally bipolar.    You would have thought he was an 8 week old kitten at how sweet he acted.    Well .... this is .... until she gave him a shot.    He didn't take his eyes off her after that.   :)     He got a steroid shot and some pain meds and some prednisone.    It worked like a charm last year, with only one flare up so I'm hopeful it will be the same this year.    I specifically asked that we not run XRays since he'd experienced this in the past and I didn't want to cost our group money if it was unnecessary.

While we were there, we saw a woman who had these two beautiful Irish Setters she had pulled out of a shelter in Illinois the day before they were to be euthanized.    They're both underweight, but quite sweet and really beautiful.    They're 4 year old brothers and seemed very happy at their change in luck.    Their new human didn't know if they'd been strays or confiscated due to neglect.     It's always so great to hear such happy stories when you're in a vet's office.   

Frank and JoJo
Today I pulled out some sweaters for the dachshunds and I can't wait to take some pictures tomorrow.     Suzie and Tina are pretty in pink and Bonham got a red, white and blue patriotic sweater.    Burton is such a nut, going at full speed constantly I don't think he needs a sweater.    Bonham already hates going outside in the cold weather.    Whenever I try to get him to go outside, even if I go out as well - he turns right back around as soon as he realizes "Baby, It's Cold Outside."   :)   I'm hoping the sweater helps because when it's cold I don't like carrying dogs up and down steps either!

I gotz a cute tung too!
Here's a picture of Bonham in his Tank Top I had him in earlier.    Joey protested, though, because it was too girlie.   It said "Dig It" on the back and had purple ... it could have been a Jimi Hendrix Tshirt!  :)     Tomorrow at the adoption event I'll have all 4 dachshunds with me.   I was thinking about bringing Natsumi too, but I don't know if I can handle her too.  

Maybe some of these guys will find a home tomorrow ... I'm sure PetCo is going to be crowded.    Bonham is not the only dog our group saved from the life of a puppy mill.   I think our group came back with a total of around 17 dogs.      As I've said before, they're the lucky ones and they're all looking for homes.

I just wanted to send a shout out to Walgreens Take Care Clinics.   I just felt worse and worse so I finally decided to go to one yesterday.   I was in and out within an hour, it cost only $65 and she was able to electronically send my prescription to Schnucks since it would be free there.    AND they called me today to make sure I was feeling better.       Pretty cool, eh?

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  1. I soooo need pictures of ALL the doxies with sweaters!!!