Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good Day To Be a Dog

WOW - so many of our group's dogs were adopted today.    I think there were around 17 dogs finding homes today.   Isn't that amazing?    None of my fosters went to their forever homes, but that's ok.    I actually had quite a few people looking at Bonham and Burton which made me happy.     In my experience, female dachshunds get adopted a lot quicker than male dachshunds.    I guess it's the reputation they have for being markers and just all around "Bad Asses" :)     But Burton is really an excellent dog.    He's so sweet and funny and vivacious AND he's housebroken.    I saw him mark twice - once when I brought him home and once after I brought Bonham home.    That is so typical and nothing to worry about with a male dog.  Burton is an unbelievably sweet dog and will make someone a fantastic companion.  He is adjusting to life in a home instead of 24/7 in a cage and I'm starting to see more of his personality.    He's not housebroken yet, he can't quite get the hang of my steps, and he's not too sure of a leash.   But we're just in our first week so this is nothing out of the ordinary.    Tonight after I read to Joey, I forgot and left Bonham on Joey's bed and I heard this crazy barking and then Joey yelling "Mom, you forgot to let Bonham down!"   So ... Mr. Prince Bonham was demanding to be carried into the next room and to never, ever be forgotten about.    Sounds like he's learning quite well how to be a "home" dachshund.
4 Square Doxies!!

I had my fosters in the ex pen because they do better ... actually Tina tends to get a little nippy with kids if she's in a cage.   And I thought Bonham and Burton would do better with the company since it was their first event.   True to form, Bonham was his high flying self and launched himself over the top of the ex pen repeatedly.    I finally just clipped a leash on him and walked around with him or gave him to Joe to walk around.     He did really well - he was very sweet to people and very well behaved around other dogs.   Bonham was a little attention monger and was very sweet and also very well behaved around all the other dogs.   I was quite proud of my two boys.
Someone I talked to has the Petfinder App on their iPhone and they say they've been keeping track of Burton for a while.    They wanted to hold off on adopting him, though, because they're a young couple and saving up for some other things.  I totally understand that and so I took their information and promised I'd get in touch with them if someone else became interested in him.     They currently have a 2 year old dachshund and I got to see his sweet picture.  

Some of our volunteers coordinated and were able to pick up an amazing donation for our group.   Then, they went to all the effort of organizing and dividing it up into individual boxes for the members.    We got to take a box full of dog goodies home today.   It was packed to the brim full of great things - natures miracle cleaner, dog treats, "poop bags", shampoo, dog perfumes, etc!    I was really wiped out when I got home and mistakenly put the box on the back of our futon in the computer room.   And our "sickly" girl Suzie snagged a bag of treats and was ripping into it when I discovered her!   I divvied it up and these were like nectar to the dog gods - it was these Dingo beef jerky treats.    Goodness, every last dog thought it was delish.    Burton even tried to lick scraps out of Jingle's mouth.   eeeewww :)
Suzie and Tina ... Pretty In Pink
Tonight Joey and I also went to our friend's home - Elisa and Andy.     She hails from Mexico and she prepared an altar to celebrate El Día de los Muertos or day of the dead in Andy's home.   It was really fascinating and we got to learn more about her culture and hear how her family spent this day in Mexico.   The actual day is November 2nd, but due to work and every one's schedules she was kind enough to let the rest of us participate in something special to her.     I would have a picture of her awesome altar, but dear Burton broke my camera at PetCo today during one of his high flying stunts.   But after she's done celebrating, I'll be sure to nab one of her pics off her facebook page.  ;)


  1. They all look so great in their sweaters!

  2. OMG the doxie gals look super super pretty!!!! awesome sweaters!!