Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Beginnings

Demon Dog Burton!  (actually it's just a yawn)
I started my new job yesterday and though I'm in the very early stages, I am beyond happy.    Of course things aren't perfect but when are they?    It's a very big company and I work for a division of this very big company.    A friend of mine advised me after I lost my last job to stop working for these small, private companies.    There are all sorts of laws that don't apply to companies because they have less than 50 employees!     It's pretty funny, but I am thrilled to have an employee NUMBER for the first time in my life and to be situated in the midst of a cubicle jungle.

Right now, I'm a cog in the machine and happy as pie.   I need to be a cog in the machine to support myself, my son and my furry family.      I was talking to a friend that is very unhappy with work and it's all about perspective.    Right now, I am plain grateful to be employed.    I have a lot to learn and the first week is always the hardest - isn't it exhausting not quite knowing what to do?  :)    But the up side, this company is amazingly organized.    They have oodles of information on their website, tons of training events, and support systems in place to help you out.   It's fantastic being the cog in a big machine ... big machines seem to be oiled very well.  ;)    It's a fresh new start.
OOOOOHH  I am so mad at you!!!   (Looka that sneer)

The dogs are doing fairly well with the long hours.   I do feel bad leaving them because I tend to have  dramatic dogs.    Even Bonham has gotten to the point of crying like a baby when we get home.    Isn't it one of the best feelings in the world how excited a dog is to just SEE you?    To just have you around them?    They're great little creatures.   I love them so much.

Someone emailed me about Burton tonight.   DAMN   I have been completely plotting on how to keep him as a guaranteed foster through Christmas.  He just seems like the perfect kind of dog to have around to experience a Christmas tree and mess with all the presents and enjoy all the good food.    Bonham is soooo jealous of Burton.   I know he can tell I have a special "thing" for this guy due to his parvo recovery.   Bonham is a doll too.    Someone pointed out to me this weekend, when you experience something like this with a foster it creates a very strong bond.   And Bonham doesn't like it!  He barks out of jealousy all the time.   It's pretty funny ... Burton is very offended by it though.   :)

I'm tired so I'm sorry if this comes across as discombobulated.    I am very happy and very excited about a brand new future.   It made me think of the very final Calvin and Hobbes strip - I love this.   I used to have the original cut from the Post Dispatch hanging on my fridge before Joey was even born.   But I love feeling like I can look at life like this for right now.     I told you I had to be an optimist at heart to keep fostering!  :)

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