Monday, November 22, 2010

A dozen dogs

Dinah and her ELEVEN puppies
Today the head of our group sent out an email that a rural Humane Society has a Mama dog and ELEVEN puppies.   Oh my goodness ... I have no idea how this poor girl ended up in a pound with so many little ones but it certainly could have been avoided.    (SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS IF YOU DON'T HAVE ROOM FOR ELEVEN PUPPIES PEOPLE!!!)   So far, it sounds like everyone in our group is working together to get the puppies and the mother out of their present circumstances.    Dinah, the mama dog,  needs to stay with her puppies for a few more weeks, so one of our volunteers is going to turn her heated back porch into a puppy day care.   Then, when they can be separated different people in our group will foster them.     I bet they all find great homes by Christmas, don't you?   They should all be named after Santa's reindeers, don't you think?    They're so stinkin cute!

Last night was a very rough night with Tina.    She had one of her restless, coughing like mad nights.   She sleeps with Joey but he has no patience for losing his sleep, so he'll set her on the floor and she'll come in to me.      It was a really deep cough that would not let up.   So, I got up and sat in the bathroom with her for about 30 minutes with a hot shower running.    The steam definitely seemed to help her out.     She was so annoyed at being sequestered in the bathroom.  She was much better after that, but it meant for a shortened night of Zzzzs for me.    

Last night when I was holding Tina she was looking straight up at me and if it weren't for the grey on her face, it really struck me that she has the perpetual look of a puppy.    She always looks expectant and curious and truly sweet when she's interacting with one of us.     I think it has something to do with how she holds her ears and her little miniature eyebrows.    She really is a cute girl.     Of course, the other dogs in the house know better - Tina is to be feared!!!   :)    Tina likes to rumble through various rooms snarling at the younger dogs to get out of her way.   It's such a show - she's never bitten another dog and is actually quite submissive.   But she scares the crap out of Bonham and Burton especially!

I was thinking about how it was around a year ago at this time that we welcomed Suzie and Tina into our home.     They fit in really well and are pretty easy going dogs.    Suzie seems to be doing really well also.    She's not breathing hard very often but she has a cough on occasion.    Some of my friends had told me to expect her to act better when the weather cooled down and got rid of all the humidity and pollen.

Handsome Boy Bonham
In a couple of weeks there's going to be another dachshund party with the Gateway Lo-Downs.    We've RSVPd with only two dachshunds.    If we still have Bonham and Burton, it is going to be a very hard decision on who to take!      Someone called me this weekend to ask about the "cute dachshund" but I have no idea who that is - they're ALL cute.  :)  I left a message but never heard back ... oh well.    My diabolical plan to have a Dachshund Infested Christmas is working marvelously.  mwuhahahaha      The longer we've had Bonham the LOUDER he gets.    He is very opinionated and on alert for any intruder that might be coming out of the television set!  :)   Tonight I was watching something and a freaking parrot squawked on TV and he got so worked up he sent the entire house on red alert!   Oh well ... at least he's earning his keep. ;)

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